Symbolics Technology, Inc.

Symbolics Technology, Inc. is a private company which has acquired the assets of the old public company called Symbolics, Inc.

The old Symbolics was the premier producer of special-purpose computer systems for running and developing state-of-the-art object-oriented programs in Lisp. It designed and built workstations as well as writing a fully object-oriented operating system and development environment called "Genera" to run on those workstations.

One of the old Symbolics' last products was a port of this environment to the Compaq/DEC Alpha workstation, called "Open Genera 1.0".

Open Genera 2.0 is available from Symbolics Technology, Inc. It includes software formerly sold as separate products (Statice, Joshua, Concordia, Fortran, C, Pascal) and runs under Compaq/Digital Tru64 Unix on Compaq/DEC Alpha workstations. We are contemplating doing ports to other platforms, please send in your suggestions to the e-mail address below.

Open Genera is currently running several Web sites using John Mallery's Common Lisp HTTP server; several customers still find Genera to be the best software development environment available.

Note (May 25, 2001): Users of Open Genera 2.0 should note that there is an updated version of the Genera application now available from the download page.

Open Genera 2.0 is Y2K compliant. Older versions of Genera will also run correctly into the next millenium with patches available from Symbolics. Users of Genera 8.3 systems should retrieve these patches.

The goal of the new Symbolics is to provide support and consulting for existing users of this technology as well as to improve and enhance it over time. We sell and support the old Symbolics hardware and are busily at work producing the next release of the software.

There is now some Symbolics-related software available for downloading.

For more information about the old Symbolics, visit Bob Kerns' Symbolics Museum or Ralf Moeller's Symbolics Museum.

MandelbrotSymbolics, Inc.
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