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Massimo Spataro, 44 years, operates until from 1985 like computer science adviser freelance. It plays with several assignments the role of Project Maker in order to assemble new ideas in plans with high technological content and to fuse team to the target of products software to introduce on market. Between 1980 and 1985 actively works with microcontrollers and microprocessor in laboratories of planning electronic in the Italian NorthEast and realizes systems to numerical control for industrial applications. Between 1985 and 1988 constitutes a team of search for a software house, Study Synthesis S.P.A. VI - Italy and puts to point a graphical system "Windows owner" on platform P.C. in order to operate in the field of the press weaves them to colors, and interface the system software to problematic of production and the control quality. On 1990 collaborates to the realization of an important plan with a technological partner in the field of the Italian aerial carrier, which "Alitalia", creating an expert system for the construction and Automatic document writing of technical cartography of flight and want orbit around to the manual of flight and maintenance of the aircrafts. In the 1992 work with a Bank BTB -Tn Italy and Urmet partner in the telecommunicationses to the realization of the "ChipCard" plan, the first automatic CreditCard with microchip prototype with cripto system, one platform activated for the circulation of sure currency electronic. In the 1994 work with Tecnomare/SIPEM of group AGIP and Silicon Graphic Italy like partner to the realization of a plan of Remote Robotic teleoperator ROV for the operations of maintenance in depth of oil platforms Offshore, with particular development to the management of a virtual space VRLM that interface the operating truth with active space of simulation controls to you from the endowed Robot of artificial vision. From the 1995 it is taken care of Internet and it constitutes a node completely experiences them in Linux platform for the total support to the innovative technologies of the fast communication. In the 1999 assets a platform of experimentation of Cluster to high reliability and redundancy with particular attention to the performances of calculation parallel and Fault Tollerance of system.

Download my curriculum (italian language), my smart card with all information

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A passion for the Artificial Intelligence, graphics elaboration and the studies develops through the symbolic languages which Prolog, Smalltalk, Eifel, Lisp, Scheme. ecc...

Max Home Control Gateway - link with HTTP Lisp EngineThe Gateway  access to my home for remote control of all system.
Made around Lisp Core comunication network with many custom controller embedded (V25,80c51,ecc...).

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My little cluster of serverswork for SETI  group H24 for help processing data send JPL.
I am active member of  "SETI italia".

ILUG Italian Lisp User Group On Italy help and support lisper group of user for exchange Hnow-How and Lisp






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